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My name is Joe Dusel.  My wife, Katsuyo, and I own Woodistry.  We design and create furniture and woodcrafts in Vista, California.  Not only do our products look good, they are also environmentally friendly and made to last a lifetime!

I've been designing and making furniture, cabinetry and crafts since about 1989.  I was fortunate enough to have studied for almost 4 years under Ian Kirby at Palomar College in San Marcos, CA. where I currently teach a class on the eCabinet Systems cabinet design software.  My influences have been primarily from the Arts and Crafts style, but my interpretations have varied far from those roots. I'd be delighted to build furniture or cabinetry for you!

Shoe Storage Bench

One of our specialties has been what we call a shoe bench. We started making these about 13 years ago because my wife wanted one by our front door. Now we use about 4 of them throughout our home - by the front door, the back door and the garage door. Unfortunately the local shop that had been milling some of the parts for these closed their doors. We can't find a suitable local replacement for them, so we are discontinuing making them.

We are now moving on to smaller furniture and craft items. Since Katsuyo is the shipping department that makes her particularly happy.  She loves the idea of putting a pepper mill, wine bottle stopper or a pen into a small box and easily shipping it out.


My family follows a "green" lifestyle.  We have been vegetarian (I am vegan), eating organic produce, composting and using natural products for about 30 years. We also like to use environmentally friendly materials like bamboo and formaldehyde-free plywood in the things we make. 

 We have two wonderful daughters and get to create furniture and crafts in a studio with a view in Vista, California!  All of our products are made proudly here in the U.S.A.!!! What more could one ask for? Oh, by the way be sure to check out our office.

If you have any questions about our work or our web site please Contact Us Here

I am teamed up with Joe Freenor and we have a blog site to talk about Cabinet & Furniture Trends & Information.  We are both really excited about the site, so we hope you will check it out!

Joe Dusel

April 2013

Lidia and Hana 2007

Hana with our viscous Rottweiler, Lidia 

Vista, California

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