Other Shoe Bench Designs

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Katsu Shoe Bench with Solid Cherry Top

This is our Katsu shoe bench design. It was named for my wife Katsuyo since this is her favorite style of the benches that we have made.  This unit features a solid Cherry top and Maple plywood with solid Maple trim.  We only made about a half dozen of these units.  We are planning to revisit the design in the near future. Please contact us if you are interested and we will put you on the list to contact.

Dimensions: 16 ½" high x 15"deep x 37 ½" wide

Approximate Weight: 60 lbs.

Katsu Shoe Bench
with Solid Walnut Top

This is our Katsu entry way storage bench shown here in a combination of solid Walnut for the top Maple plywood trimmed in solid Maple for the cabinet. This particular bench graces the entryway of our own home.  The walnut used for this shoe bench was a very old piece that I inherited from a friend. It was actually about 20" wide!

Dimensions: 16.5" high x 18"deep x 42" wide

Approximate Weight: 60 lbs.

Shoe Bench with Sliding Doors

Tansu Shoe Bench with Sliding Doors

This is a proto-type of a Tansu style shoe bench with sliding doors. We have made a number of things that have not gotten past the prototype phase for one reason or another. Although I love the look of this I must agree with my wife that the sliding doors are a bit of a nuisance in use, mostly due to the hardware that we used on this unit.   This is the main reason we did not make this a production model.  We will be investigating other options for the sliding door hardware early in 2010.

Dimensions: 17" high x 19"deep x 42" wide

Approximate Weight: 75 lbs.

Vista, California

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