Missouri Pacific Caboose (13258)/Office

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      Missouri Pacific Caboose inside looking west    Missouri Pacific Caboose (our office)   Missouri Pacific Caboose inside cupola      

Our office is a 1948 vintage Missouri Pacific caboose moved to our property in about 1980 (?) by the previous owners, Jim and Ceille Lucas. This was actually the second caboose that they had purchased. The first one never made it into California since it would not pass the inspection. This caboose was then moved by rail to Vista, then by flatbed truck to the property. From what we were told it took them about a week (and $9000) to move it to the top of our hill and put it on it's tracks. We were told by a retired railroader that it looked like the brakes were replaced before it was sent here.

When we bought the property the caboose was in desperate need of another remodeling. We ripped out the old rotting fake paneling (replaced it with real wood), tore out the red carpet, the red and gold velvet wallpaper, re-did the electrical system and plumbing and painted all over. Now it needs to be painted again on the exterior. (Yes, I know, MoPac colors next time.)  Owning a caboose must be akin to owning a boat. Did I mention the termites?  

This is probably one of the few cabooses with a view of the Pacific Ocean and high-speed internet access.

For you rail-fans, especially MoPac fans, the caboose is number 13258. I got this number from the barcode on the side which reads: Start 8404013258 Stop. I'm assuming that this makes it 13258. According the the book, Cabooses of the Missouri Pacific Lines, this caboose was originally number 488. It was built by SED, re-built in 1968 and retired in 8/79. Missouri Pacific Historical Society.



Vista, California

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