eCabinet Systems Cabinet Design Software Class

Palomar College CFT 169

Next class is Spring 2011!

Joe Dusel is currently teaching the eCabinet Systems class at the Palomar College Cabinet and Furniture Technology Department in San Marcos, California. The next class will be held on Friday afternoons in room T13 from 5:00PM - 8:50PM Jan 18, 2011- May 20, 2011).  Registration is at 

Unfortunately the Fall 2010 class was canceled due to the class not being filled. If you are interested in taking the class please sign up early and often. With the current budget debacle school funding has been cut, so if a class is not full it will be canceled. Even if this class is cancelled or you do not attend you can get this amazing software for free!!!


Bamboo Cabinet with doorseCabinet Systems Cabinet Design Software is an extremely powerful full featured cabinet and furniture design package that is offered FREE to both woodworking professionals and students by the Thermwood Corporation.  With this software you can create almost any cabinet configuration you can think of .

 Once you create your cabinets in the Cabinet/Assembly Editor you can place them in a room to generate realistic  renderings, or just set them up as batch cabinets.  This then allows you to create Line Drawings, Cost Sheets, Buy Lists, Cut Lists and Nest Diagrams (sheet layouts). The output from the software can be ported to a Thermwood or Shopbot CNC router which enables you to do all sorts of incredible things.

Unlike most CAD programs this software is "parametric", so if you change the dimensions of a cabinet, everything associated with the cabinet such as faceframes, drawer fronts, drawer boxes and doors are also changed automatically. This program compares to others which would cost you $10,000 or more. And with Version 6 you get more features than ever!

Here are some example renderings from the software. Click on any of the thumbnail pictures to see an enlarged view. If you would like more information page down and click on any of the highlighted links.



This class is held in a fully equipped computer lab, so everyone is able to follow along at their desks. If you do own a laptop I would suggest that you use your own for convenience.  You should also have a flash drive that you can bring to the class to be able to save any files that you generate.

For more info on the class Contact Joe Here . If you are planning on taking the class make sure that you apply for the software ahead of time since it may take about 2 weeks to receive it. You can request the free software here at   If you are not a woodworking professional please make sure that you indicate that you are a Palomar College student studying cabinet making.

Here are some of the features of the software:

·        Cabinet/Assembly Editor

·       Part Editor

·        Door Editor

·        Detail Room Editor

·        Line Drawing Editor

·        Hardware Hole Editor

·         Nest Diagrams (Sheet Layout)

·        Cut Lists and Buy Lists



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