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Line Drawing Editor

The Line Drawing editor came out in Version3, and it works okay. It doesn’t automatically give dimensions, but adding dimensions where you want them is a simple process. What I don’t like is that even though the items are placed in the editor as “objects”, when the original object, such as a cabinet is changed the object in the Line Drawing editor is not correspondingly updated.  So, if you went through the trouble of adding dimensions all over the place (manually), you now have the joy of doing that all over again. It would also be nice if the Line Drawing editor had a title block editor built in. As it is, you can make up a title block for a drawing, but the only way to copy it is to do it within a job. To get around this you need to create a template version of a job with this title block in it. By the way, since the object is 3 dimensional, you can rotate it to give you any view you wish, including 3-d and exploded views.



The Line Drawing editor allows you to have line drawings for single cabinets, entire rooms or separate walls of cabinets. For a wall of cabinets you can add dimensions wherever you like.  Of course, we wouldn't want to give a customer these nice drawing with dimensions unless they paid us for them.

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