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The eCabinet Systems Cabinet/Assembly Editor allows you to create cabinets and assemblies in just about any configuration you can imagine.  You can create both faceframe and frameless cabinets with a variety of joinery configurations including butt, dado, blind dado and RTA.  You have complete control of every facet of the cabinet construction, so you can design the cabinets or furniture exactly as you would construct it.   The hardware displayed (doors, pulls and moldings) are renderings of a real items available for purchasing through the system. You can actually show a customer how the hardware you want to sell them is going to look.  


This area of the software has a host of  cabinet editing features, such as cabinet exploding, rotation and such.  One of the features that I particularly like is the hardware defaults.  You can select items such as hinges, pulls, slides and RTA parts and have them associated with particular cabinets. This information then gets added to buy lists and costs sheets when you add a cabinet to a job. It's particularly useful for determining bidding information. And now you can select from Blum, Grass, Hafele and Salice for common cabinet hardware. The software includes setting up costing using time per task and shop rates.  This can give you a better idea on pricing jobs.

In the Cabinet/Assembly Editor you can add what they call “display parts”. This can be any sort of an object from wine glasses to ornamentation like corbels to even glass panels. The bottom door in the cabinet pictured uses a display panel with carpet texturing to simulate speaker cloth. There are mullion settings in the door editor, so you can do somewhat custom mullions and you can select doors with glass or just open frames, which is useful for speaker cabinets.

You can also "texture match" any Display Panel to have the visual properties of glass.   This is particularly handy for glass doors and shelves, but it be nice to be able to specify the glass like texture to a material in the setup.

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