Casadei 15/10 edgebander

Casadei 15/10 Hot Air Edgebander

I bought this Casadei bander used in early 2004.  It has worked pretty well for me so far, except when I tried to run some 2mm thick wood banding through it.  It was melting the glue well enough, and the trimmers handled it fine, but do to the extra thickness the banding was slipping slightly as the panels moved through the machine.  This left an annoying 3mm gap at the front end of the panels.  I guess I had better stick with 1mm or less thick banding.

The hot air banders can do PVC, but there is a fine line between melting the glue and actually melting the banding.  I try to use a melamine banding when I need a something to go with melamine that is not wood veneer, especially for colors like white, black or even maple.

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