Maggi 2332 line boring machine

Maggi 2332 Line Boring Machine

This is a 23 spindle line/construction boring machine I bought through Eagle Tools.  The machine does both horizontal and vertical drilling.  The nice thing about a machine like this is that you can bore holes from about 3mm to about 35mm.

Maggi 2332 rear view

Here's the rear view of the machine.  All of the chucks are quick release, so putting them in or pulling them out is not that difficult.  I bought this machine to do line boring and construction boring.  I have found that it does a very nice job drilling for dowel construction.  I have used it for drawer box and cabinet construction. I also use it to bore 20mm holes for drawer front adjusters and the 10mm holes for attaching leg levelers.

The machine also comes with a 10 foot fence with about 4 stops.

This is a video showing how the machine works.

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