Tansu Shoe Bench (getabako) in Ash and Oak

Tansu II Shoe Bench (getabako)
Natural Ash with Oak Cabinet

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We came up with this shoe bench combination thanks to a neighbor.  He had some Ash wood left over from a project on his sailboat, so he asked us if we wanted it. Of course, as a lover of wood, I find offers like that hard to turn down. We used his Ash to make the legs, and then we found some great Ash at a local hardwood store to make the tops and trim. I decided to use Red Oak for the cabinet box to give these a bit of a contrast. Actually, we also did a few of these with ebonized outside panels to give them and even more dramatic effect.

As with all of our shoe storage benches these are Ready-To-Assemble (RTA), so some assembly is required. In making it RTA the shipping costs are reduced considerably, it reduces the chance of damage in shipping and it's much friendlier for the environment since the bigger the box the more energy required to transport it.  We also assemble and then disassemble each shoe bench before it leaves our studio to make sure that all of the parts fit together perfectly and ensure that you get the highest quality possible.  And, our benches are designed to be easy to assemble with only a Philips screwdriver.  We have had customers send us pictures of their new benches fully assembled within 15 minutes of delivery.  Here are our Assembly Instructions.

Tansu II Shoe Bench in Ash and Oak

By the way, we design and build everything to be high quality, so of course we use only the best Hafele RTA hardware with brass inserts for the connecting bolts.  We contacted Hafele when we were designing these shoe benches to ask how many fittings we needed to connect the parts, such as the top to the sides. They told us to use two fittings per connection  - so we used three just to make it even stronger. They told us most companies just use the plastic fittings with screws threaded right into the wood. We tried the plastic fittings, but they were not up to our standards. And, since we are making these benches to last a lifetime we wanted hardware that would be highly unlikely to fail.

Note that our shoe benches are made using American made CARB compliant plywood, NOT cheap Chinese formaldehyde laden particleboard with a "wood finish" like many of the entryway benches that you will find on the web. We use high quality hand selected solid wood for the trim, NOT some junk rubberwood heavily stained to look like something else. We use only natural finishes on our furniture so that you get all the beauty of the wood.  Stains only serve to cover up the use of inferior wood.  We hand select every piece of wood used for all of our products.  We don't just pick the next piece of wood from a pile.

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