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Felder KF700S Pro Saw/shaper

One of the companies whose tools I use has a slogan: "Quality is contagious".  I  use high quality equipment, and I believe my work reflects that. 

The centerpiece of my studio is a high precision Austrian made Felder KF700S Pro saw/shaper which weighs in at about 1800 lbs.  These machines are built with both accuracy and safety in mind.

Since it's a European saw, it comes with a splitter which tracks the blade movement and is very (about 1/8") close to it. This is extremely important for safety reasons. The slider is also very close to the blade - about 1/8" away - which insures smooth and precise cutting.   Cutting panels on this machine is fairly easy.

Shop view wide angle

I've got a precision Felder AD731 12" combination jointer/planer machine with a slot mortiser which mounts to the front of it.

For sanding, I use a 15" Sunhill wide-belt sander with a 5 HP motor and  a  Delta 6" edge sander.

I also setup with a Castle TSM-21 machine for pocket holes.

Casadei 15/10

For edgebanding  I've got a Casadei 15/10 hot air machine.  This is shown next to my Sunhill sander.
I'm also setup with a Blum Mini-Press for hinge boring and  a Maggi 23 spindle line boring machine.

Ian Kirby's work bench

I have two flavors of  benches designed by Ian Kirby - a maple topped bench with a douglas fir base and a MDF veneer press bench.  To be honest I don't currently do a lot of veneering. If I did I would probably invest in a vacuum bag veneer press. That was what Ian actually recommended to me when I spoke with him here in my shop.

Of course, studying under Ian Kirby I developed a love of hand tools, so I have an ample assortment with plenty of Record hand-planes.

Tommy and Bobby - they were good friends

Tommy and Bobby

Vista, California

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